Delivering Value with Intelligent Customs Processing

From docs to docks, AiDock is pushing the boundaries of AI with a virtual workforce that lightens and enlightens your customs processes, saving incalculable time, money, and effort.

Swiftly navigating the international trade paper trail.

The world is undergoing widespread digitization. Customs has not, until now. AiDock develops intelligent, independent, and highly efficient online virtual assistants that are redefining the way supply chain paperwork is handled in the international shipping industry.

AiDock’s digital aides are designed to do complex menial, manual tasks, such as data entry and HS code classification, better, faster, and with unmatched accuracy, boosting capacity and powering the future of international trade.

Our clients

More. Better. Faster.

Do more

Free yourself from limited scope

Enter more data, classify more HS codes, process more declarations, provide more services, do more of everything

Do it better

Free from imprecision and inefficiency

Be proactive, pivot without effort, execute with greater accuracy, and avoid financial risks

Do it faster

Free from the shackles that slow you down

Our intelligent, automated, parallel computing cuts processing times from days, hours, and minutes to mere seconds

AiDock Web Platform (AWP) – Where humans and virtual employees collaborate

Communications are fundamental to the success of any operation and in AiDock, the Web Platform is where you interact with your team of virtual assistants, giving them instructions and helping them learn as they go. The icing on the cake – the Web Platform offers a slew of smart functionality beyond the assistants, enhancing your entire workflow.

Our Cody

Control your accuracy
Control your business

Ushering in a new era in HS code classification

For the first time in decades, the goods classification process is pulling away from the status quo. More precisely, Cody, AiDock’s virtual HS code classification agent is leaving the status quo in the dust. A natural complement to existing customs software, Cody automatically classifies unlimited HS codes in seconds and, more importantly, gives you full control of classification accuracy. The result is a better ability to assess duty payment risk and more time to focus on value-add activities.

Our Bailey

Turning endless paperwork into endless opportunities

AI-driven automated data entry

While paperless documentation and accurate OCR have simplified the international trade documentation workflow, they avoid the true problem – most of the work is still manual. Alternatively, Bailey does the actual work, not just preparing the paperwork for human processing. In the blink of an eye, Bailey’s state-of-the-art AI understands documents and where to put which values, dramatically increasing your data-entry pace, accuracy and overall efficiency.

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