Simplifying Customs Complexity to Enable Smart, Productive and Efficient Operation.

Pioneering Innovative Solutions to Streamline Your Workload and Elevate Your Compliance Standards.

   Precise document processing
   Extraction of critical data points
   Swift and highly accurate classification of HS codes
   Robust monitoring and compliance management


AI Assistants

Our AI assistants bring multiple benefits to your business. They label documents, extract information from documents, and provide accurate HS codes. With these assistants, you can improve operations, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Plus, you can use them as a web platform or API for added flexibility and convenience.

Our AI assistants are available as both a web platform and an API, providing you with the flexibility to choose the integration method that suits your specific requirements.


Document Inspector

Receives the document, verifies and validates.



Digitizes unstructured documents to any ERP.



Generates a 10 digits HS code.



Ensures customs entries adhere to regulations.




Facilitating a seamless and efficient integration process.


Email Integration

Forward documents
directly by email.


Manual Upload

Empowering businesses with or without tech prowess.


Enhanced Efficiency

Automate tasks for Declarants, Classifiers, achieve work-life harmony and prioritize value-added tasks.

Compliance Confidence

Aid for Compliance Officers, Managers, streamline audits and diminish accuracy concerns.

Innovative Scalability

Agile solutions for Innovation Managers, Directors, promote growth and tech integration.

Improving Your Supply Chain with Privacy and Security

Enhancing the privacy and security of sensitive data is a top priority for our organization. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, we understand the importance of protecting our customer’s confidential information.

To ensure the highest security and privacy, all our products are equipped with ISO 27001 certification. This certification guarantees our compliance with global standards for information security management and demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding our customer’s data.

Our comprehensive approach to managing sensitive information utilizes the latest technologies, including the power of AI, to provide efficient and effective document processing. By unlocking the power of AI, we can streamline our operations while maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for our customers.