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Supply-chain professionals know well the pains of having shipments wait at airports or seaports for the necessary paperwork to arrive, causing sleepless nights, increased costs, and customer dissatisfaction. Long hours are invested, and teams of experts are  tasked with ensuring shipment profitability and identifying optimal routes and timetables; all of this can collapse because of paperwork delays.

Meet the AiDock web platform

AiDock’s Web Platform (AWP) is the AiDock system’s command and control center, where users can interact with and instruct our virtual workforce, transfer information to and from their ERP systems, and use it to engage third party data entry services.

With the AWP, customs brokerage , as well as importer and exporters, to provide service around the globe, around the clock, and in larger volumes. Amongst others, the AWP offers clients benefits such as:

  • AI enhanced, streamlined operations – Manage and reduce overload and achieve greater efficiency by working with our AI assistants.
  • Maximize resource utilization, unstop bottlenecks and balance your workload with hybrid work – To best achieve your goals, the AWP lets you supplement the work of AiDock’s virtual workers with human assistance, either directly or by engaging third party service providers.
  • Timely arrival of documentation – Your paperwork will always wait at the dock for shipments to arrive, and not vice versa, avoiding penalties and other shipment layover expenses.
  • No installation required and can be used remotely – Fully cloud based web application, the AWP has no local installation requirements and can be securely accessed from any location, allowing your human employees to telecommute and work from anywhere.
  • “Plug and play” – Training employees on new software can be an expensive undertaking, in terms of time and money. As such, we have designed the AWP to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and amenable to self-learning, such that employees can log in and begin working almost immediately.
  • Boost productivity, increased capacity and cut costs – All of these advantages coupled with those provided by AiDock’s virtual assistants themselves will better your shipping related operations across the board, driving your profitability skyward.

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Verifies pre-alert documents


Data entry

Extracts data from documents and enters them into any ERP



Provides full, accurate HS codes for every item in a shipment, in a matter of seconds


before filing

Calculates tax, verifies regulation compliance, submits fillings to customs



Red flags critical shipments that require special attention


Rate & Route

Using AI analysis, finds optimal rates and routes for your shipments