For Your Supply Chain Paperwork

AWP, our cutting-edge Web Platform, is the gateway to consume our Ai services, allowing users to process documents and customize workflows to their unique needs.

Introducing AWP

An innovative and user-centric AI-driven platform that seamlessly integrates the power of human expertise with AI assistants, ensuring a seamless user experience and ease of use.

With its intuitive interface, AWP streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, fosters innovation, and offers a range of customizable deployment options, catering to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Simplify Your Import / Export Paperwork

By using advanced machine learning algorithms, the AI assistant can quickly analyze documents and identify key data points, such as product codes, quantities, and shipping information.

This process not only saves time, but also reduces errors and eliminates the need for manual data entry. With AiDock’s AI assistant, businesses can improve their efficiency and accuracy, and focus on growing their operations.

Customize Your Supply Chain Process

In addition to its impressive features and deployment options, AiDock Web Platform (AWP) also enables users to create custom flow charts between supply chain management stages. This functionality is especially useful for businesses that rely on efficient and effective supply chain management to succeed.

With AWP’s custom flow chart feature, you can map out the various stages of your supply chain and create a visual representation of how they connect and interact with each other. This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and streamline your operations.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, AWP’s custom flow chart feature can help you improve your supply chain management. You can create a custom flow chart that fits your business’s unique needs, ensuring that your supply chain operates efficiently and effectively.




Facilitating a seamless and efficient integration process.


Email Integration

Forward documents
directly by email.


Manual Upload

Empowering businesses with or without tech prowess.

Elevate your business with AWP’s advanced features and our expert consultancy.
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