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The supply chain service industry is entering a new phase of innovation with the introduction of Robot resources (RR) as an alternative to human resources (HR). International shipping has evolved from land to sea and air, and now it is time to modernize the red tape process of importing and exporting goods. AiDock, a company founded in 2018, has developed an AI bundle to automate import/export paperwork-related tasks, reducing the workload and improving the results for courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities. This advancement in AI technology will allow organizations to focus on business growth and customer service while reducing excessive daily paperwork.

AiDock aims to revolutionize the supply chain industry by introducing cutting-edge AI technology based on massive databases that evolve and learn with each organization or method. Their technology includes a unique neural network to solve the unstructured document analysis problem without creating special filters. With this technology, they can trivialize a wide range of challenges their customers face, giving them a substantial advantage in the industry. By automating tasks that can be performed automatically, AiDock hopes to free up human employees to focus on strictly human-oriented tasks, ultimately pushing organizations to the era of AI solutions while preparing for the next generation of employees.

The amount of work involved in manual customs clearance processes can be overwhelming, and the introduction of AiDock’s AI technology will transform the entire supply chain industry workflow. By reducing the paperwork associated with international shipments, organizations can improve their efficiency and customer service. The use of RR instead of HR will allow organizations to focus on growth and development, leaving the mundane tasks to the AI technology. AiDock is at the forefront of the revolution, and they are paving the way for a new era of supply chain services.

CEO Vision

At AiDock, we aim to become the critical link in businesses’ document processing tasks by leveraging intelligent artificial intelligence technology to automate the process seamlessly. Our vision is to create innovative tools that improve workflow and procedures in document processing, enhancing efficiency and ease of use for all involved parties.

As businesses increasingly rely on document processing tasks, the challenges of manual processing become more apparent. That’s why we founded AiDock to simplify and streamline document processing using artificial intelligence.

Our products are designed to empower our clients’ teams to perform their daily tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness, freeing up time for more value-added activities such as analysis and business growth.

Our ultimate goal is to create a more efficient and accurate document processing environment, reduce errors, and boost productivity for our clients. We are proud to be building a next-generation platform to transform document processing tasks in various industries.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more efficient and sustainable document processing ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support.

Eddie Galantzan
Co-CEO & Co-Founder of AiDock Ltd.


Eddie Galantzan

Co-CEO & Co-Founder