Nice to meet you, I am Cody,
your automated HS code classifier

Identifying and assigning the right HS codes to items in your shipments for reporting to customs is difficult, and is only becoming more and more difficult. There are more than 25,000 different HS codes to choose from, with each code having its own special definition. To make matters worse, countries have their own customs books for imports and exports, and many even have their own secondary HS numbers. To keep up and be able to do their jobs effectively, clerks must be smart, accurate, and have a photographic memory.

Quite a tall and unrealistic order.

I am Cody, an HS code classifier powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With my synthetic intellect, I am capable of analyzing, classifying , and augmenting this data, to provide the most relevant HS code for each product in any given shipment. In complex cases, where the best HS Code is not evident, or if I need more information, I will immediately notify you so to resolve the issue quickly and not waste time. I can also help you detect HS code classification errors in past shipping documents, to avoid making the same mistakes again. In addition to all this, I can reduce bureaucracy by making sure that your employees are in sync with your customers’ classification patterns. Get in touch and let’s work together.


customs declaration processing


productivity, efficiency, and capacity


up and down as needed


costs and handling times


seamlessly and quickly with our RESTful API


organization-wide adoption, aided by AiDock’s human-friendly interface

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