Private Cloud


The AiDock Private Cloud service hosts your data on designated servers to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Server resources are balanced to optimize performance while your data is securely maintained on dedicated hard drives.


Following a quick registration, download the AIDock plugin and complementary documentation to integrate with your legacy systems. Alternatively, implement our REST API for custom integration or contact us for help.

Who’s it for?

The AiDock Private Cloud best suits organizations with limited IT resources, or larger companies that prefer to avoid extra server maintenance. Our well-maintained cloud service optimizes the cost and performance of cloud computing.


Our cloud service is always updated with the latest version of our software to ensure the best results. We'll keep you up to speed with our latest and greatest features and improvements as we make them.

Security & Backups

Choosing the Private Cloud ensures that your data resides safely and securely on designated servers. Contrary to the Web application, system resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage are not shared. We adhere to security best practices and protocols such as the GDPR regulations to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Backups, updates, security patches, and bandwidth control are all provided.