The cost of not using technology vs. using it

For most of us, our lives are awash with technology, much of it digital. In fact, whether it be computers, smartphones, or power steering, technology has become such a mainstay of the modern era that it’s impossible to think of life or work without it. The speed, efficiency, access, convenience, and novelty of technology have […]

Technology and Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Productivity

Ever since humans invented the first tool, we have continually sought to propel technology forward to aid us with our basic needs and daily doings, to get things done faster, to facilitate communications, to allow us and goods to get from one place to the other, and countless other calculations, tasks, and objectives.  In the […]

Intelligent Hacks and Tips for Streamlining Customs declarations

Globalization, eCommerce, the democratization of technology, the “long-tail”, our never-ending pursuit after increased convenience, and the latest catalyst, COVID 19, are all driving the worldwide delivery economy to unfathomable heights at an increasing speed. To put some numbers to these words, Pitney Bowes 2019 Parcel Shipping Index notes that over 100 billion parcels were shipped […]

Designing AI Systems With Human-Machine Teams

The greatest potential from artificial intelligence will come from tapping into the opportunities for mutual learning between people and machines. Artificial intelligence promises to augment human capabilities and reshape companies, yet many organizations are finding that the results are falling far short of their expectations. This is frustrating but not surprising. Too often, companies try […]

How AI and automation could impact supply chain roles

Some fear that the technology will replace its human counterparts, while other experts suggest it will work in unison with humans, supporting them to focus on higher-value opportunities. Amidst all of this uncertainty, one thing is for certain: AI and automation will change how we operate. Read more…

The Hill Supply Chain Leaders Climb

Words matter. As I sat and listened to Amanda Gorman’s poetry at Joe Biden’s inauguration, I gasped. While there were great fireworks, singers, and speeches during the inauguration, Amanda’s contribution spoke to me. The young daughter of a black single mother stole the show. I hung on to every word. I read her poem–The Hill […]

Supply Chain Precision Begins with HS Code Accuracy

From excess duties and heavy fines to a tarnished reputation and complete disruption of your or your customers’ supply chain, HS code misclassification is not a trivial matter. In fact, misclassification is so consequential that the success of your business may just hinge on having a reliable, fast, and precise classification method, such as AI […]

AI in Logistics: Emerging Startups, Remaining Challenges, and New models

Artificial intelligence is hitting new adoption levels each year, with industries like supply chain management and logistics taking center stage in the AI race. As per Infoholic Research, the AI in the logistics and supply chain market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 42.9% over 2017-2023 to reach USD 6.5 billion by 2023. […]