Our On-Premise solution offers a dedicated AiDock server that is deployed directly into your data center. We use a standard 1U server case with powerful CPUs and GPUs that run our AI software.


Our server arrives pre-installed. Follow our detailed configuration guide to connect it with your network and firewall. Our support team is available to walk you through the entire process. Integrate AiDock services through our dedicated plugins or REST API.

Who’s it for?

On-Premise is generally suitable for larger organizations with ample IT resources and strict security policies. This solution performs best with a high volume of transactions.


Our AI engine constantly improves as more data is processed. System updates introduce new features and improvements. Updates may be installed either remotely through secure firewall ports, VPN, or directly installed on the server itself. Refer to our update installation manual for guidance or contact our support team for help.

Security & Backups

The On-Premise solution offers full control over security to comply with your company policies. Backups and audits are maintained on the local drive and are accessible via the management console.