Francis - Shipment Router

Frankly, the best way to figure out
how to route your shipments

Involving a wide array of parameters, choosing an optimal shipping route is a highly complex, and consequential taks, for your firm and for your customer. The numerous variables that must be accounted for, including shipment value, urgency, weight, dimensions, etc., can produce a great many possible route options. Reviewing all of these can taken tremendous amounts of time and may still end up in choosing a sub-optimal route.

Introducing – Francis “Francis” specializes in locating shipment details and, within seconds, calculating and finding the best route for your shipment.

“Francis” showcases all flight / vessel routes that would best suit your shipment, accounting for all variables, including capacity, demand, weather, carrier reliablity score and others.

So should your customer like to ship DG in fast mode, “Francis” will inform you, almost immediately, of the best route by air, ocean or land.


customs declaration processing


productivity, efficiency, and capacity


up and down as needed


costs and handling times


seamlessly and quickly with our RESTful API


organization-wide adoption, aided by AiDock’s human-friendly interface

More. Better. Faster. with AiDock.

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Red flags critical shipments that require special attention


Verifies pre-alert documents