Nice to meet you!
I am Evan, your intelligent customs tasks prioritization assistant

Task management is, at the very least, challenging. All the more so if you manage your tasks using your email platform. requiring that you open every email upon or soon after its arrival, lest you do miss a time sensitive email. For example, you may be in the midst of handling an extra-large shipment of plastic cups when an email comes in with an urgent pre-alert for a shipment of desperately needed medications. Of course, you will not know exactly how urgent the pre-alert is until you actually open the email, which may only be after you finish with the plastic cups, resulting in lost time in attending to the urgent shipment.

My name is Evan, and my role is to keep your customs tasks constantly prioritized according to predefined rules and AI-based shipment urgency recognition. I automatically move urgent tasks to the top of your list, while making sure that non-urgent tasks are not forgotten. Sounds interesting? 


customs declaration processing


productivity, efficiency, and capacity


up and down as needed


costs and handling times


seamlessly and quickly with our RESTful API


organization-wide adoption, aided by AiDock’s human-friendly interface

More. Better. Faster. with AiDock.

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