Nice to meet you!
I am Darren, your autonomous customs filing supervisor

Once you have proper HS codes for the items in your shipment, tax and regulatory issues are next up to complete the customs clearance process. Importers need to know how much tax they will need to pay, and you need to verify that you have all of the necessary documents to comply with customs declaration requirements. Providing compliant documents is one the most important steps in the customs declaration process

As your AI based document compliance maven, I (Darren) will ensure that you have on hand the complete set of accurate and compliant documents needed to clear customs. I will calculate your shipment’s import fees , verify that your documents comply with all local customs requirements and regulations, and help you prevent mistakes and delays. Sounds interesting? 


customs declaration processing


productivity, efficiency, and capacity


up and down as needed


costs and handling times


seamlessly and quickly with our RESTful API


organization-wide adoption, aided by AiDock’s human-friendly interface

More. Better. Faster. with AiDock.

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Extracts document data and enter them into any ERP


Red flags shipments that require special attention