Leading the change

Sometimes the smallest things make you want to change the world

Eddie Galantzan

CEO & Co-Founder

Our story began in 2017 when I observed a customs brokerage firm on a typical operating day. I noticed tables that were stacked with piles upon piles of folders filed by customs clerks. Another thing that caught my attention was that most of the papers in the folders were printed digital files, such as PDFs and email communications.

It dawned on me that this is common across many processes in the shipping and logistics industry, in both small and large companies alike. After some thought, it became apparent to me that a change must be made. The amount of effort and inefficiency I observed were begging for a different approach. One that will provide a solution to a problem and fill a market need. This is how I came up with AiDock's vision of a world in which smart artificial intelligence technology can help the shipping and logistics industry improve processes in ways that increase efficiency and maximize profits for companies.

One of the biggest issues in this industry is that humans can only process a limited amount of paperwork in a given time frame while it keeps accumulating. In addition, today's millennial employees will not settle for dull or repetitive work. They seek interesting and exciting jobs that don’t involve paperwork-heavy tasks. In fact, those are the ones that they are least interested in, as they don’t necessarily align with their view of the world.

Enter AiDock

We provide logistics industry employees with access to artificial intelligence tools that help them to perform their daily tasks efficiently and effectively. Those automated helpers take over the mundane processes that employees lack the time to perform or prefer to concentrate on income-yielding activities for companies. By delegating the more tedious but important tasks to artificial intelligence, AiDock’s products leave employees with more time to focus on more value-add activities that lead to meaningful analysis and further business growth.

The supply chain industry hasn’t experienced significant technological development since the invention of the shipping container in 1956 and the exponential growth in e-commerce and parcel shipments created a paradigm shift. Organizations realized that operating in the status quo is no longer acceptable and those who insist in doing so will be left behind.

Once we identified the shipping and logistics as important fields for us, the next step was to tackle the most challenging aspect of it - customs and regulations.

Customs and regulations try to ensure that no forbidden goods cross the borders and that each country's economic and national security policies are followed. Currently, shipments have to go through an excessive amount of bureaucracy and red tape in order to be cleared at customs. Our goal is to streamline and simplify this process.

We identified a major problem that required a solution, and this is why global companies (who we are lucky to call our customers) are thrilled with our products. We are targeting an enormous market that is predicted to double in size in the next five years and, therefore, see a future of significant growth in the use of our solutions.

With our brilliant team, the right investors, and our technologically-curious customer base, AiDock is on its way to building the next-generation platform that will change the global shipping and logistics industry. We invite you, customers, partners, investors, and future employees, to join us on our exciting and promising journey.

Eddie Galantzan
CEO and Co-Founder