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I am Bailey, your data entry robot

International shipping, especially customs, is so overloaded with documents and so lacking in technological solutions to help handle this flood of paperwork, that all those involved in the process are forced to rely on manual labor. With the exponential pace of innovation across all sectors and disciplines, it’s hard to believe, bordering on the absurd, that most of us in the import / export business are still processing such documents in the same fashion as our forebears did for centuries before us, and are still faced with the same problems, namely that such processing is tremendously time intensive and is susceptible to high levels of inaccuracy, due to the human factor.

This is where I, Bailey, come in. I can automatically read and understand every shipping related document in less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee, and with little to zero human involvement. But that’s not all. I can read these documents, and also write their content from and into your ERP system. Altogether, my work can significantly reduce your manual labor requirements and management resources, elevating your operational efficiency to levels you never thought possible. Sounds interesting? 


customs declaration processing


productivity, efficiency, and capacity


up and down as needed


costs and handling times


seamlessly and quickly with our RESTful API


organization-wide adoption, aided by AiDock’s human-friendly interface

More. Better. Faster. with AiDock.

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Verifies pre-alert documents


Full, accurate HS codes for every item in a shipment, in a matter of seconds