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I am Amy, your Gatekeeper

International shipping is challenging and involves handling different types of documents, mixed or separated, using different format types with different quality levels, not always vertically aligned and created from multiple sources. Furthermore, the business crosses multiple time zones, different cultures and processes.

I am Amy – your virtual employee Gatekeeper to streamline and organize the documents and prepare them for further shipping handling. I receive multiple types of documents sometimes separately – I filter, sort, label and beautify these documents, and finally consolidate them for further handling. Following that, I dispatch the documents according to a workflow customized for your needs.

Consider the following example:

You just got an email from your agent with pre-alert documents for multiple LCL shipments. The email contains one attachment with multiple documents, which you need to sort, split and validate. In another case, you may also get a few attachments with the same content, but still you must take the same actions – sort, label and validate. Sort them by shipment level, label each document correctly (Invoice, PL, BL etc. ) and validate that you have all documents. Make sure that the documents contain all the required information, such as invoice number or handwritten signature, if required. 

For me, such incidents are non-issues. I work 24/7, so I can reply to a Chinese agent in a timely fashion, allowing problems to be addressed and solved promptly, in minutes, without losing a day. With me on the clock, your shipment will be ready for clearance when you arrive back at the office. I sort and label all of the documents from the various sources, and consolidate them into a single set of documents per shipment. Sounds interesting?


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