About Us

We are creating the future of supply-chain service providers by automating all paperwork-related tasks in the export and import of goods, leading the supply chain AI revolution

Here is where the supply chain service revolution starts by taking it from HR to RR (Robot resources).

International shipping has developed from land to sea and up to the air. Now it is time to go into innovation mode and apply it to the red tape procedure used to import and export goods.

AiDock developed an AI bundle to automate import/export paperwork-related tasks.

AiDock, founded in 2018, set its goal on having organizations focus on business growth and customer service, by using AI tools to put an end to the excessive daily paperwork in every international shipment.

Thanks to our advanced AI technology, courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities can reduce the supply-chain paperwork and improve results by entering the new era of AI.

Once one encounters the amount of work revolving around a manual customs clearance process, they will no longer be the same person.


AiDock’s ultimate goal is to have human employees focus on strictly human-oriented tasks.

If a process can be performed automatically, and doing so has an advantage over performing it manually, firms should always aim for automation.

AiDock introduces cutting-edge AI technology based on massive databases, which keeps evolving and learning with each organization or method alongside a unique neural network to solve the unstructured document analysis problem, without resorting to creating special filters (SUNN).

Using those unique technologies, we can trivialize a wide range of challenges our customers face, giving them a substantial advantage, which will transform the entire supply chain industry workflow, and push organizations to the era of AI solutions while preparing for the next generation of employees.

AiDock's mission is to generate a new era of international shipping and support its growth by implementing AI solutions.

The founders

Eddie Galantzan

CEO & Co-Founder

Tomer Shamir

COO & Co-Founder

Sean Galantzan

CTO & Co-Founder