Company Culture Update: Using technology to empower employees, not replace them

Innovations in technology have provided freight brokers with efficient solutions for their clients. But as digital freight brokerages gain traction, in what capacity does the human element factor into each transaction? On this episode of Company Culture Update, Trailer Bridge Vice President of Logistics Eric Masotti discussed the benefits of incorporating virtual solutions and human engagement with Emily Szink, FreightWaves’ executive vice president of content.

Although freight tech has enabled freight brokerages greater efficiency, ultimately the key to success comes from the empowerment of your company’s experts to provide customer solutions. Masotti asserted that eliminating the human element from the brokering process can be costly if and when something goes wrong.

“If an account manager or sales representative isn’t involved from the load’s creation to delivery, you shouldn’t expect them to know what happened if something goes wrong,” Masotti said, explaining that customers would rather address an issue with an actual person than wait for an email response. “Even though our account representatives rely on technology to gain efficiency, they’re making decisions throughout the entire process.”

Masotti suggests that customer relationships are the keystone to building continual success. He encourages his workforce to invest in more than just repertoire and get to know each customer personally. He added that having employees work together for the customer not only balances the incentive structure but helps ensure they’re working toward the same goal.

“While our competitors like to silo their operations, we have people that specialize in different areas but we put them in the same group,” Masotti said. “Putting them in the same group ensures that the incentive structure stays in alignment.”

Masotti argues that companies should find the perfect way to blend tech solutions with their workforces. For instance, he explained that Trailer Bridge offices have used technology for gamification strategies to boost productivity, including leaderboards and contests surrounding multiple sales incentives.

“We want to show employees the performance we’re looking for so that we both understand the goal we’re trying to get to, which is satisfying customers,” Masotti said.

In addition, Trailer Bridge is transferring its services through one transportation management system to give its employees more solutions at their fingertips. The Jacksonville, Florida-based freight service company specializes in asset-based logistics providing ocean carriage, integrated logistics, and trucking services for the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Virgin Islands.


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