The Winners of Spring Summit 2020

Plug and play 2020 Spring Summit held this past week was virtual.

There were 111 startups of a variety of fields: Media & Advertising, Brand & Retail, Travel, New Materials & Packaging, Food & Beverage, and Sustainability. AiDock took part in the Supply chain program, and our team is, again, incredibly proud of another accomplishment: The supply chain startup award winner, which we shared with two other great startups.

Our journey was launched at the end of 2019, when Eddie, our CEO, was reached out by PnP for being elected among about 1,000 startup companies around the world, which comply with various supply chain companies that are corporates and ventures of the PnP ecosystem. In February 2020, we were invited to present our solution to more than 100 corporate at the PnP selection day.

Arik Golan, CBDO: “On February 2nd, Sean, our CTO, and myself have arrived at the Mixer evening with partners and startups in the Silicon Valley. The atmosphere was electrifying; Everyone informally met f2f before the next day’s selection event. The partners from the big corporations generously gave tips and explained what they are looking for, as they express a great interest while having fun.

On selection day, the tension among participants was evident, and the excited presenters went up one by one to answer the corporate partners’ questions. Sean did a great job of presenting the product and impressing everyone in the room. The speed dating part of the event was in the form of 5 minutes long meeting in which presenters exchanged info and business cards. It was energetic, intense, and elating to see these many people interacting with such good vibes.

Out of these 100, the 20 most promising startups, providing solutions to presented challenges, would be selected.

The following week we gladly got the great news that AiDock was elected among the top 10 and was nominated for the Batch6 supply chain portfolio of PnP tech center. “

Last May, AiDock was asked to present its progress among those on the PnP portfolio- the 984 corporations, ventures, and advisors who are part of the PnP ecosystem. We have received the “Startup Award” for being a breaking through startup, which answers to most of today’s, as well as the future challenges of the supply chain industry.

We have collected the chain of achievements and accomplishments that push us to strive even further, and that is a pivotal key in changing the industry and the world.

For the full report bu PlugandPlay, click here.


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