Forbes 30 under 30

AiDock’s Sean Galantzan is among the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

All the young men and women on the list have set goals, worked hard, introduced something new to the table, and contributed to society, science, economics, ecology, etc.

Groundbreaking is at the core of every revolution and evolution. Looking at a brick wall and being able to imagine what it’s like on the other side of it, how to take it down and lead more people towards the same goal. These talented people have it in them, either they were born this way, or life has challenged them in such a way that encouraged them to doubt everything, ask questions, and seek new solutions.

AiDock is much like that, the fact that nowadays supply chain tasks are mainly HR based, that clerks do HS classification does not mean it has to remain that way. Innovation, groundbreaking, and crushing paradigms, that’s how Sean and the entire AiDock’s team change the world.

Congratulations, Sean, we are all so proud of your accomplishments.


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