Port innovation as the next revolution

Seaports and maritime transporters face a number of challenges. While some of these are unique to harbors and naval shipping, others are common to all ports, both sea, and air.

Capacity and utilization

Many ports have cranes and teams available to load the incoming containers. However, neither humans nor machines are used to the ports’ full capacity, due to quay planning systems that cause delays and further challenges.

The goal of port management is to reach the highest efficiency levels while providing optimal customer service. Customers include importers, exporters, customs brokers, inland shippers, and shipping vessel companies.  


Today, sustainability is playing a more significant role in business decision-making than ever before. Some of the most crucial choices for the shipper are the most practical origin-destination routes for the vessel, vessel size, and the setting of departure and arrival times.BVessel route and size affect both the journey length and energy costs. Energy usage takes a toll on the environment, raising the issue of environmentally friendly energy sources, and other innovations designed to treat the globe with care.


Amazon’s new delivery service has marked a new era in shipping. While maritime and air freight has a lot to do with consolidation, the delivery of post and parcels via drones enables each importer/exporter to send small items with minimal lead time and provide high-end customer service. These game-changers have introduced competition that large firms might find difficult to beat unless the supply chain adopts innovation in each step of the process.

More and more ports are hosting innovation hubs and smart port hackathons and investing funds in innovative solutions and improvements. Since boundaries present a challenge that calls for creativity, innovation centers and hubs are key to boundary-free thinking and outside-the-box ideas. Innovation is, in essence, the boarding pass to our new world.


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