A rolling stone gathers no moss ( Publilius Syrus)

A rolling stone gathers no moss ( Publilius Syrus). Therefore, flexible and change-savvy businesses hold the key to market dominance.
Kodak had an outstanding product in the ’70s-’90s. Every household had pocket cameras, and they all used Kodak film rolls to preserve family moments for future reminiscence and nostalgy.
Professional photographers used camera rolls by the hundreds, capturing national, military, and fashion events for the public to see, learn and be exposed to otherwise out of sight situations.

As digital photographing began, Kodak entered the Video filming industry, and was viewed as a firm that did not stagnate, and developed with time. However, from 2007 on, Kodak could not restore past fame, leading to the company’s shares plunged. In 2012 Kodak declared bankruptcy.

The Kodak story shows that making changes is not enough. Amendments must take place at the correct time, which Kodak directors may have failed to do. The supply chain industry has been like this stone, standing still, gathering moss for a long time, avoiding changes, holding on to the status quo.

The 21st century pushed this industry to the edge of its capacity, should it wish to meet customer demands; it would have to apply some revisions. Acknowledging this rapidly evolving world, forced freight forwarders, couriers, and other supply chain partners to seek change, development, innovative solutions, or the entire industry would crash.

Procedure automation is one application that can potentially make a difference in the industry:

Telecommute-friendly software development attentive to customs and paperwork bottleneck, in particular, will simplify processes, enable more extended hour service, therefore increase profitability and customer satisfaction.
Warehouse management automation will better and more efficiently handle diverse containers and will result in shortening lead time. Growth comes with changes, both for people and for companies. It might hurt, but it makes you bigger and stronger.
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