Back to the future

As 2019 approaches its end, 2020 and onwards prediction appear online.
What does the future hold for the supply chain industry?

“Back to the Future 2” written in 1989 by  Robert ZemeckisBob Gale and directed by Robert Zemeckis, shows the writers’ idea of what 2015 would look and be like. Once calendars showed October 21st, 2015, we all got a chance to compare the vision with reality. Airborne cars, air pumped tennis shoes, smart home appliances as well as microwaved blown up pizza. Some became a reality, and others might become in the future and might not.

Looking forward to the future of the supply chain, many futuristics and supply chain experts have some longshot ideas, mainly digital technologies:

Virtual and augmented reality in the assistance of route designing, port loading, and unloading.
Drone recruitment, for urban traffic bypassing and cutting down on delivery time.
Cloud storage and management. Data reached from anywhere around the globe at any time.
AI replacing human labor and minimizing human error, improving service while reducing costs.
Smart autonomous vehicles, reducing costs and road time and stress.
Wearable technology. Collecting data should be used to increase process efficiency.
IoT “the internet of things.” designed to transfer data between computing devices with no human touch.

Despite these digital technologies aspiring to a“hands-off” future, where humans have as little influence on the supply chain as possible, these present and future innovations are all based on one, so far, irreplaceable thing: the human brain, always coming up with new ideas, solutions, problems, and challenges.

Will we look back at 2019, realizing that we had a good idea of what the future will be like or do we get it all wrong.


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