Exhibition. Putting our foot down

Post and parcel Expo. AiDock, introducing Cody, the AI HS code classifier, and doing so, for the first time, at an expo of this caliber, is a significant landmark. The post and parcel expo participation has hit the mark for the team and company numerously.

Post and parcel field professionals arrived at the expo from around the world, expecting to see the next thing, the newest idea, the most tech-forward innovation. New and innovative is definitely what they witnessed and experienced: from new methods to tackle transportation, tracing and distributing, warehouse managing, item delivery in high volume cities, to new sorting machines and various software solutions.

Expos are much like time capsules. Once you set foot in one, you lose track of time and feel as if you travel in time. You see a world of entrepreneurs, pioneers, developers, and dreamers seeking new opportunities, cooperations, problem-solving and ways to improve the world. AiDock team members are among these types of people, and they spent a portion of this past week talking, sitting down, listening, forming relationships and future bonds with Post and parcel influencers.

Expos are also somewhat similar to rings, where you meet your potential competitors with nowhere to go. Being a relatively young player, yet a confident one, the AiDock team, got to further assess the competition, to have a clearer view of what makes its products so essential in making the shipping, post, and parcel more cost-effective.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is a must in this world of innovation and technology, or no new method had ever been introduced. Once a new idea is out and on its way to becoming a reality, walking away and out of the comfort zone should remain a tool for applying a new angle, a fresh look, adjusting and updating your course of action and your goal.

Speakers at the convention covered a wide variety of subjects: from temperature-controlled goods to augmented reality in the post and parcel service, and customer needs to be met in this world of constant disruption.

AiDock team celebrated the new Jewish year far from home, taking a peek at the future that the coming year offers them and the company. We are grateful to have taken part in the Expo, meeting such professionals, showcasing Cody, and celebrating this exciting world of Post and parcel.


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