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What does it take for a private person to import a small mail item (Parcel or EMS for that matter)?

When it comes to a firm importing and exporting as an integral part of its business activity, the procedure is not surprising, at least for authorities, importers, exporters, couriers, and shippers.

Part of this procedure:

The shipment must have the correct and original documents

Every item must have an HS code

The authorities check the goods and papers

Custom paid if required according to rules and regulation Ect.

The average person is oblivious to the procedure behind ordering a dress on ASOS website and having it sent it to Israel. As is an E-bay user, selling Dead Sea cosmetics to a customer in the Netherlands?

Even though it might seem like these shipment enter state borders without being registered, it isn’t so. EVERY single shipment, entering state borders, goes through customs, and is registered and noted for apparent reasons:

Check for illegal activity such as weapon and drug import and export.

Monitor goods accumulation.

Items reviewed for safety hazards by the Israeli standards institute or the Ministry of health.

Collect tax according to state rules and regulations.

Whether a payment is required, depends on the shipment value and item classification.

Nowadays there is a collective HS code and “tax free” level – up to 75$ in some cases and partial charge in others.

The average Joe, importing from abroad, might take advantage of this collective HS code policy. Splitting orders to several shipments is just one method of using, or you might say, exploiting this tax-free policy. While the 1 for all HS code might encourage importers to import item like weapon components which might fly under the radar crossing state borders. Do you think that custom should treat these shipments like high value ones and produce an HS code for each item starting from the very first USD of every item? Should a private importer be treated like a firm or an organization?

How would it affect the local market, pricing, and the variety of items for sale in each Israel?

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